How big was danny wheeler when he was born?

Cordell Mraz asked a question: How big was danny wheeler when he was born?
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  • Trivia He has loved Riley since they were kids. He has a lucky jersey. He was 14 pounds when he was born. Bonnie says that Danny messed up her body when she was pregnant with him. Danny's jersey number is 23. Danny's full name is Daniel J. Wheeler but now his full name is Daniel Mellencamp Wheeler and his father is named Ray Wheeler.


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💡 Who is danny wheeler?

He's a baseball pitcher for the Tampa Bay Rays.

💡 When did danny wheeler and riley break up?

  • Riley and Danny break up though. The fight for two months, but later make up and get back together. At the end of season 5 Riley reveals she is pregnant with his child. In season 6 episode 8, Danny and Riley get married. Tucker is Danny's friend and roommate. They help Ben take care of Emma.

💡 How tall is danny wheeler?

  • Height: 6 ft 0 in (183 cm) Reach: 71 in (180 cm) Nationality: American: Born February 23, 1984 (age 37) San Francisco, California, U.S. Stance: Orthodox: Boxing record; Total fights: 32: Wins: 32: Wins by KO: 16: Losses: 0

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